Bird Sculptures for inside or out

I make birdbath sculptures out of stoneware clay, fired to cone 5. The clay tubes and rings stack on top of a rebar post, and can easily weather the elements. A clay bird is pinched out of a small ball, and attached to the edge of the bowl. Generally speaking these pieces are not really designed to hold a significant amount of water, but rather bird food, a candle, snacks for a party, or nothing at all, but a happy moment in time. These are colorful, textural, and fun additions to your outdoor space.

Empty Bowls • Plates and Mugs

Slab formed, airbrushed with a food safe overglaze, these bowls are the smallest pieces of my hand built line.  Triangular blows, plates, and my newer squares are available starting at $25.00. Using 440 million year old fossils, which I have personally collected, my newest designs also displays these unique impressions.

My mugs have no handle, and are carefully balanced on 3 "toes." Slab form wrapped, they can hold beverages, pencils, brushes, pretzel sticks, or succulent plants.

Petroglyph Vases and Lamps

At about 12'-14" tall, these vases will hold a bouquet of flowers, or be lovely, all on their own. Using cholla cactus, fossils, shells, and carved or incised impressions, each vase is one-of-a-kind and unique in texture, color and form. I airbrush these surfaces, then contrast the interior with a semi opaque solid color. I like this contrast as this leads your eye into the vessel. The same design can be customized into a lamp adding a mood filled light into a darker space.