I offer clay workshops to students of all ages. Working with 18 students in each session, our 2 hour session was enough time to create these diverse animals. Students work over a clay cupped form to create a favorite animal. The animal's arms, paws, and antenna were attached with nichrome wire. Not only were there cats, dogs, and birds, but narwhal, sloths, and octopus! I was inspired by their imagination!

I have taught an “Empty Bowls” workshop to 6-13 year old children. All participants brought at least one non perishable food item of their choice that was donated to the local food bank. Each student created two bowls, one to keep, and one that was donated towards more fund raising efforts for the Empty Bowls (International Hunger)Project. Using coils and slabs of clay, students created an array of textures, along with the addition of colorful glazes. Proceeds of the sale went to the Foothills Food Bank in Cave Creek, Arizona.

I have conducted workshops using recycled plastics for the Vision Gallery, and Library events. Consider how opaque and transparent plastic will create a design. Many layers can be added one on top of one another to build a thin or thick material that can be used for many applications. Making sure that each layer is fused well before adding subsequent layers, these fused “fabrics” can also be sewn into unlimited items including clothing, household accessories, or art! These photos show one project where we created library book bags. In another, we created journal covers.

Students learned the art of bookmaking by folding and scoring paper into a book. Many had plans to use this book for sketching, poem and fiction writing, journaling, as well as writing recipes. I found the right type of paper for use in folding and gluing, resulting in a clean, crisp, and professional piece. Using an ink pad with non-toxic ink, students stamped their hands onto marbleized paper, for the finishing touch.